Stairway to Heaven (c) Jim Warren
Somewhere a journey begins at the end
of the worldly existence we know.
Somewhere a path stretches over the stars
and rivers of memories flow.
Somewhere a silence is heard far away
and the brightness of day fills the night;
where the trials of life are resolved into peace
when a soul finds its way to the light.

(Copyright (c) AGC Inc. American Greetings)



If tears could build a stairway
and memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.


Socks was our first male greyhound. Who knew they could be so much fun? So endearing? So full of exuberance?!? We found out in a very short time that Socks was all these things and more. He was a funny dog, he loved having a good time. When he was busy doing something he enjoyed he acted like he was 2 years old. When I wanted him to come in and he wasn't ready, he acted like he was ninety. He pretty much had my number.

Socks had no trouble fitting right in with Misty Blue and Luci. It took him awhile to get used to Luci wanting to sleep with him but eventually he adjusted. Naturally this was when Luci decided she didn't want to sleep with him anymore.   :)

Please Remember Me

When all our tears have reached the sea
part of you will live in me
way down deep in side my heart
the days keep coming without fail
new wind is gonna find your sail
that's where your journey starts.
You'll find better love
strong as it ever was
deep as the river runs
warm as the morning sun,
please remember me.

(excerpt of song performed by Tim McGraw)

baseball fan!

When we first adopted Socks he wasn't exactly the best dog on a leash. He was exuberant and there were times I thought he might pull my arm out of the socket but we worked on it and he soon became a model of good behavior.

Socks loved being with people. Any time we had visitors he was sure they were there just to see him. There was no convincing him otherwise. Having greeted guests as though they were long lost family, he would go back to his favorite pastime...napping.

Love Within My Eyes

I've been blessed with many things
the best of all is you,
a friend unlike all others
with a love so strong and true.
As the days go slowly by
I'll watch you from above
guiding with a gentle paw
and never ending love.
When you need to feel me near
look to the starry sky
for the twinkle that is brightest
is the love within my eyes.

(Copyright (c) Terri Onorato. All rights reserved.)

Socks    Socks and Taz

I'm your angel in disguise
Forever walking near
Just meet me in the Garden
Where love always appears

Within the scent of flowers
In the beauty of the trees
The velvet of the soothing grass
The path that always leads

Always I am at your side
You never walk alone
My heart forever captured
This Garden is our home

Each breath of life I offer
My wings will cover you
I'll guide you on this journey
My heart forever true

Hear the music from afar
The touch of love and care
Melodies within the wind
My wings a whispered prayer

Take a step that leads you to
The love that you can feel
Garden-filled within my heart
Our dynasty revealed.

(Copyright (c) Francine Pucillo. Used with permission.)

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Socks was just shy of 11 years old when he passed on to Rainbow Bridge. He graced our lives for 8 years and we miss him terribly. Losing Socks left us stunned and deeply saddened. He gave so much to us and asked for little in return. He taught us many things like how to kill a blanket, how to make proper use of nap time on the water bed (all sprawled out with no room for anyone else!) and how to be a good sport. Most of all he taught us that when you peel away the complicated layers of life, love is all that matters.


Please don't think you are alone
because I've left your sight,
for I proudly sit atop a cloud
and visit you each night.
The angel paws upon your skin,
and the nudge within your palm
are really me inside your dreams
the quiet hours before dawn.
Please know I'm waiting for you,
but until your time arrives
I'll be the touch and comfort
in the dreams that fill your mind.

(Copyright (c) Terri Onorato. All rights reserved.)


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