Rescue Me
(By Terri Onorato)

Rescue me not only with your hands but with your heart as well, I will respond to you.

Rescue me not out of pity but out of love, I will love you back.

Rescue me not with self-righteousness but with compassion, will learn what you teach.

Rescue me not because of my past but because of my future, I will relax and enjoy.

Rescue me not simply to save me but to give me a new life, I will appreciate your gift.

Rescue me not only with a firm hand but with tolerance and patience, I will please you.

Rescue me not only because of who I am but who I'm to become, I will grow and mature.

Rescue me not to revere yourself to others but because you want me, I will never let you down.

Rescue me not with a hidden agenda but with a desire to teach me to trust, I will be loyal and true.

Rescue me not to be chained or to fight but to be your companion, I will stand by your side.

Rescue me not to replace one you've lost but to sooth your spirit, I will cherish you.

Rescue me not to be your pet but to be your friend, I will give you unconditional love.

Rescue me with true love in your heart and I will give you these things all the days of my life.

The Shy One
(By Terri Onorato)

Hidden deep within her soul
a best friend lies in wait,
as passersby all but ignore
the shy one's frightened face.

You wonder how she got this way,
that's not the issue here,
attention to her past won't bring
the love she needs to heal.

The stinging fear that clouds her eyes
reveals the burning truth,
that reaching out to trust
is something she alone can't do.

If instead your loving arms
reached out to her today
you'd be amazed at all the love
she yearns to give away.

Take the time to hold her face
within your loving hands,
and look into her frantic eyes,
I think you'll understand...

It's not that she's a problem dog
nor one who's a lost cause,
she simply needs a kind friend who
won't see her fears as flaws.

You say you want a happy dog
to love you all your days?
Right here my friend is what you want
behind the nervous gaze.

You hesitate...I understand
how cautious you must be.
It's too late now to change your mind,
she's coming home with me.

But in her place another waits
ignored by passersby,
the shy one with a heart of gold,
a best friend in disguise.


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