Special Message
May 17, 2019

As I get older I better understand the risks and possible repercussions of saying never. I'm learning that lofty goals require a change of plans now and then.

I've said in the past I would never allow this website to disappear. I have kept that promise and will continue to do so although at some unknown point in time it may not be in a way everyone would expect. Very often my husband Fred and I have discussed the future of Portrait of an Angel should something happen to me and we have come to accept that there is no one we are willing to leave it with in order to maintain it once I am gone. First and foremost the site is a memorial to the pets we have lost and we are not comfortable leaving the memories only he and I share in any hands other than our own.

This decision is not because we feel there isn't anyone capable of taking care of the website. Far from it. Our decision is based on something more personal. This website began as a memorial to Misty Blue. It went on from there to memorialize the other wonderful dogs we have lost. Then it morphed into more…offering support and comfort for those that are grieving and this includes The Memory Wall. (I want to clarify that I'm putting this message out now for no other reason than it's a little bit of housekeeping that requires some attention as well as needing to get it taken care of for my own peace of mind.)

The Memory Wall went online in 1997 and we've had over 127,000 visitors to date. There are thousands of names listed on The Memory Wall and each and every one of them belongs to a vital, energetic spirit. I am eternally grateful for being allowed to include these precious names on The Memory Wall and I will continue to add names as we move forward.

As with most things in life very little lasts forever. It is the same with our website and The Memory Wall. There will come a day when I'm not here anymore at which time our website, including The Memory Wall, will be removed from the internet. Having agonized over this for a very long time, years actually, this is ultimately the only decision that brings us peace.

Just as the spirits of our animals never go away, the same can be said of The Memory Wall. Its energy comes from the spirits of those whose names are written there. I will take it with me to guard and protect from the other side. It will not be erased but will be in my safekeeping wherever I am.

Thank you for your understanding.
Terri Onorato

Art by Stella Violano
Artwork by Stella Violano


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