10/22/91 to 2/24/98

 Angel Luci

"Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal."

Angel SamanthaAngel Samantha

Hi! My name is Luci and I'm the "just do it" Bridgekid. When I lived with my mom and dad on earth and I wanted something done, I'd look at them like "just do it", and this is still my motto here at Rainbow Bridge. I've been at the Bridge since February of 1998 and boy do I have so many things to share with you!! What? You're surprised? You didn't come here to cry did you? NO! Don't cry! If you could see Rainbow Bridge you'd never cry. Life here at Rainbow Bridge is magical, beautiful and musical. Trust me!

LuciI arrived at Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly, I was a real surprise to everyone. My mom and dad were very upset because I made my journey so soon but I've been working hard to make them understand that although it was my time to fly, I haven't gone far. The Bridge needed a sentry to take care of business and I was needed for the job. My sister Misty Blue met me at the gate and we had a beautiful reunion!

Once I went through the heavenly gates I was met by so many friends! There was Missy who told me all about Bridge music and how to surf the net to find what I want for the webpage mom was going to do for me (but she didn't know it yet!). Ethyl, Miss Smiley Face herself, was waiting for me too! She explained about subtlety and the lack thereof here at Rainbow Bridge. We don't need to be subtle, if we were, no one would ever listen to us! Murphy joined the welcoming party and he's really cool. He is an Army dog that kept my Uncle Jim company overseas during the war. He's really handsome in his combat boots and stripes. George hangs out with Groucho Marx and they joke around a lot. You should see George with a cigar hanging out of his muzzle while he hums "Flight of the Bumblebee"!

Missy   Ethyl   Murphy   George
Missy  Ethyl   Murphy   George
Some of my Bridge friends!

I first met my mom and dad on July 9, 1992, I was full of vim and vigor and I fit right in like a pea in a pod. This is why they nicknamed me "Little Peas", I loved that name! My tail never stopped wagging to begin with but when they called me Little Peas I would wag so hard I thought my butt was gonna take off like a helicopter! The day mom and dad brought me home I shredded a Kleenex I found in the car and I kept on shreddin' tissues and toilet paper (right off the roll!) the rest of my earthly days. When I got to Rainbow Bridge I wondered if there would be any tissues for me to shred or if I was going to have to find a new hobby. Good old Murphy took me right to the Bridge stash and let me tell you it's HUGE! Mounds and mounds of tissues and toilet paper for all us Bridgekids who like to shred stuff.


Bridgekids spend a lot of time with angels. As a matter of fact we each have our very own guardian angel who stays close and keeps us from getting into too much Bridge mischief. Our guardian angels keep a vigilant watch on us when we travel back to earth to visit our families and loved ones. Sometimes humans feel us when we brush against their leg while they're shaving or typing on the computer. Needless to say I have a very energetic guardian angel!

When I was an earthly pup I had a lot of skin allergies and problems with my ears. When I was a little older I began to lose my eyesight. Pretty soon I was almost blind. But you know what? When I got to Rainbow Bridge everything changed! My skin and ears got all better and I could see perfectly! Here's lookin' at you kid. 

"'Tis only when they spring to heaven
that angels reveal themselves to you."

My guardian angel bear

Life here at Rainbow Bridge is wonderful! I do miss my mom and dad a lot but I can always see them and visit whenever I want. A good example of one of my patented visits is at Heaven's Castle. I also have lots of Bridge friends that have websites (Bridgekids LOVE cyber space!) and I hope you'll visit them too.

I'm sure glad you stopped by to see me. When the day comes that you find yourself standing at the gate, you'll be greeted by your Bridgekid -- it will be a joyous reunion! But don't be surprised if you look up to find that there is a whole welcoming party of Bridgekids there to greet you too! If you feel hesitant about coming through the gate don't worry, we'll guide you. Put your hand on the head of your Bridgekid and listen to that little voice saying, "just do it."



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I'm a Bridgekid who doesn't let any grass grow under my feet. I'm always on the go...a real mover and shaker. My Aunt Mattie is convinced that I'm hanging out with Merlin the Magician in Heaven. You know what, she's right...follow these links and see for yourself!

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