Lovely Lady


She possessed the warmest, brownest eyes I had ever seen. They pulled me into her world and made me want to stop whatever I was doing just to lay a loving hand on her. White hair sprinkled her brindle face, giving away her age. Her demeanor epitomized grace, charm and a quiet but obvious resilience. The gentle nudge of her nose demanded attention, paid for with the wag of her tail. This was our Lady.

Lady, born in Ireland as Killebeg Girl, was a seven year old retired racing greyhound who was placed with us when her mom, battling terminal cancer, could no longer care for her. Fred and I drove into the heart of the city to meet Lady and her mom Dixie. Dixie was a kind woman who loved her little brindle girl dearly. She knew we were taking Lady on a foster care basis and I promised her that no matter what the circumstances, Lady would be loved and cared for all the rest of her days. It was a very bittersweet goodbye between Dixie and we will never forget. It wasn't long after when Dixie made her journey to heaven.


Things started out pretty well and although it was obvious that Lady missed her mom, she worked hard to fit in with Misty Blue and Luci. Lady had a true doggy fetish for pillows...if it looked or felt like a pillow then it was hers! And this was a girl who loved her daily walks. Lady was slightly overweight when she came to live with us and in dire need of exercise and a diet. Not necessarily thrilled with the latter part of our agenda she didn't complain {very often}. Not one to play much, Lady did enjoy weekend romps with Misty Blue and Luci in our local high school's enclosed field. Oh how they would race round and round! Misty, being younger and more in shape, always seemed to come out in front but never appeared to rub it in and Lady took the whole thing in stride. Luci on the other hand was incredible! Instead of running around the area with Lady and Misty Blue she would hang a left and cut across the field as fast as her little cocker spaniel legs would go so she could win. They came home exhausted but happy.

We really and truly enjoyed Lady and it had been our hope that she was not going to remain a foster dog but instead would become a permanent part of our family. Unfortunately things didn't work out as we'd hoped and after being with us three months we found a wonderful new home for Lady. Our hearts ached when her new parents, Buck and Elsie Walck and their greyhound Jack, came to take Lady home. Admittedly feeling like a failure I couldn't forsee what was to come. Looking back now, I realize there was a very good reason why Lady was not meant to live with us for the rest of her earthly life.

"All God's angels come to us disguised."
My guardian angel bearMy guardian angel bear

The couple who adopted Lady are exceptional people. We became friends and have remained in contact as often as possible since meeting. They absolutely adored Lady and although things started a bit rocky between Lady and Jack, eventually they worked out their differences. Finally, after losing her first mom to cancer and her short fostering time here with us, Lady had found the home where she would live out her days surrounded by love and adoration.

Party Animal!

Lady did exceptionally well in her new home and was quite an ambassadog for greyhound adoption. Aging gracefully, she was, along with her buddy Jack, the love of her parent's life. Lady's mom and dad kept us up-to-date on all the goings on and we were never left wondering how she was doing. They believed that all of us shared Lady and they knew how hard it was for us to let her go.

The next two years flew by with Lady blossoming like a flower in her new home and Misty Blue doing the same here with us. Both myself and my husband shared in the wonderment of our greyhound coming into her own just as Buck and Elsie did with Lady. Unfortunately things began to go downhill. In October of 1995 Misty Blue fell ill with a disease which took her earthly life eleven months later. In the meantime while Misty was fighting for her was Lady. Lady had been diagnosed with cancer and underwent a myriad of tests and ultimately surgery. In February we discovered that Misty Blue's kidneys were beginning to shut down and were told her time with us was limited. Shortly after this, I received a call from Elsie letting me know that Lady could no longer fight her battle with cancer and she would be going to Rainbow Bridge the next day. On February 16, 1996 Lady was carried Home on the wings of angels.

Angel AdrienneAngel Adrienne

Looking back now I can see why Lady wasn't destined to stay here with our family. God never gives us more than we can handle and I believe He knew we couldn't handle the devastation of two terminally ill furkids at the same time. They both required individual attention and oftentimes round-the-clock care. Because things worked out the way they did, both Lady's family and ours were able to give the girls what they needed most...our undivided attention and all the love we had in our very being.

Lady, Luci and Misty Blue

Lady holds a very special place in our hearts, as does her mom and dad. We think of her often and know she is at Rainbow Bridge with Misty Blue and Luci. And sometimes...when it's very quiet...I can still feel my hands gently cradling the face of our lovely Lady.

After a long struggle with cancer, Lady's dad Buck Walck joined her in heaven on October 28, 2000. He is sorely missed.


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