As told by Luci Onorato

It was a day pretty much like any other. Emily, Socks and I were napping in the office while ma typed on the computer. From my little bed I looked at ma through squinted, sleepy eyes as she got up to go to the kitchen. I saw her smile at me on her way out. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. Yep, it was a day pretty much like any other.

But then I felt it. A shock to my system. What was it? What was happening to me? I cried out but it was all happening so fast. Where was my mom? All the sudden I felt soft, protective wings wrap around me as they slowly began to carry me upward. I struggled to look back and saw ma holding my quiet body and crying my name. I wanted to stay, I didn't want to leave. Not like this, not without saying goodbye. But the soft wings hugged me gently and I felt great love wash over my spirit. I heard a sweet voice whisper, "Don't worry little one, everything is going to be okay. It's time to go now."

With the help of my Bridge sister Misty Blue, it didn't take me long to learn the ropes at Rainbow Bridge. What a wonderful place! The fields are thick with bright, green grass and endless beds of beautiful flowers that bloom forever. There are children who spend their days with us as they too wait for their loved ones to journey to Heaven's castle. I love children because like me they never sit still for long. They like to run and giggle and play games which is right up my alley. I came to the Bridge sooner than I'd expected but I quickly made plans. Lots of plans. And my Bridge sister Misty Blue had her paws full.

I knew ma and dad were very upset that I'd went to Rainbow Bridge so soon and I wanted to do something to let them know that even though my earthly body had stopped working, the rest of me was doing just fine! So the first thing I did was follow them to the craft store where they'd gone to get me my very own candle for the Monday night candle ceremony. I made sure they found the tiniest windchimes they had ever seen, rainbow windchimes mind you, and when ma got out the checkbook, the check number was 224. The day I went to the Bridge -- 2/24/98. That caught their attention!

I wasn't convinced that ma and dad got the hint at the craft store so I immediately began my next venture. Ma wanted to do a web page in my honor but she had certain ideas about this page that I didn't like so I put my little paw down and took care of business. Ma had Elton John's song "Can You Feel The Love" floating around in her head as the song she wanted for my web page. Geez, I like the song but it's not me. So I took care of it. Everytime ma tried to download "Can You Feel The Love" I froze her computer solid. She was getting somewhat frustrated after the third time and finally got the hint and went looking for the song I wanted, "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" by the Fab Four, which downloaded without fail I might add. Now that's more like it. But I wasn't done yet.

Ma and dad were trying hard to believe that I really and truly was okay but it became obvious to me that their human stubborness was in dire need of an adjustment. Who better to take care of this than the "just do it" Bridgekid? But I knew I was going to need some help so I did what any stubborn, determined spirit would do...I brought in a very unsuspecting accomplice who had no choice in the matter. Aunt Mattie.

If there's one person on this earth who understands Bridgekids it's Aunt Mattie. That's why we have so much fun at her expense. But we know that when we need some human intervention we can pay her a little visit and things begin to happen. I was really getting desperate to show ma and dad that I was fine and to give them a glimpse of what my life is like at Rainbow Bridge. I was also very anxious to see to it that ma got my cremains out of the urn she'd bought for me because, well, quite frankly it looked like a tomb and I didn't like it. Ma couldn't bring herself to like it either but she went ahead and asked dad to seal the lid to the tomb with a kind of glue that nearly shouted, "don't expect to get this lid off...ever!" Obviously this glue had never met a Bridgekid like me.

I wanted my cremains to be in the perfect container and it had to be BIGGER than Misty Blue's. Misty and I both have our own shelves in the living room but I told Aunt Mattie that I wanted all my own stuff, including my very own Christmas tree. You shoulda seen her trying to explain to ma that I wanted my own Christmas tree {and it was only March!} Not being one to stand still for any length of time, it didn't take me long to find what I was looking for...a music box. It was nearly perfect, just a few minor adjustments were needed {minor from a Bridgekid's point of view}. So off I went to enlist the help of my sweet, unsuspecting Aunt Mattie.

The first thing I did was make sure that Aunt Mattie found an obscure ad for the music box store in her local newspaper. As the idea began to form in her head she got in touch with ma and asked if she and dad might be interested in a music box for my cremains and that she and Uncle Don would go to the store and see what was available. Ma said yes, they talked about it some more and then the hunt was on, or should I say the fun began. I followed Aunt Mattie and my favorite Uncle Don to the music box store and watched them browse. Geez they were slow! Aunt Mattie looked at all the boxes, some with angels, another with hummingbirds and when she found one she liked, I whispered in her ear "no". I kept showing her the music box I wanted but she was unsure. It's tough working with a human who is as stubborn as a Bridgekid. Finally my patience got the best of me, I wanted that music box! So I put down my little paw and said, "just do it!" Thinking it might be a breeze from here on out, Aunt Mattie obliged, but little did she know that things were about to get interesting.



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