In Memory of Barrow  
(Tivoli Blue Duck)
10/21/90 ~ 7/9/02


Misty Blue Some things in life aren't easily explained and perhaps they aren't meant to be fully understood. After adopting Misty Blue (racing name Tivoli Blue Mist) in June of 1992, I wrote for her pedigree and discovered she had three siblings -- Tivoli Rose, Tivoli Wiseguy and Tivoli Blue Duck. I'm not sure why but the name of Tivoli Blue Duck always stuck in my mind more so than the others. As the years went by I kept my eyes peeled for any reference whatsoever to the Tivoli lineage, especially Blue Duck. I asked every greyhound person I knew about the Tivoli dogs but to no avail. It seemed as if Misty's siblings had disappeared without a trace.

Misty Blue spread her wings and journeyed to Rainbow Bridge on August 19, 1996 and shortly thereafter I began a website in her honor. In March of 1999 The Memory Wall became a part of our website dedicated to all Rainbow Bridgekids. One of the things I did was to post an invitation to visit The Memory Wall on the greyhound mailing list. Little did I know that this one small note on the list would bring a gift that can only be described as a miracle. A very special woman named Suzi was reading the list and came upon our invitation and link to The Memory Wall. In uncharacteristic fashion Suzi found herself following the link which ultimately led her to Misty's story which chronicles Misty's earthly life. The following is from Suzi's first email to me:

"I was drawn to your story this morning as I was going over my greyhound list. I too have a blue, he is a male and shows so many of the characteristics you describe. When we got "Our Angel" he was a return. He was being fostered...I took one look and fell in love. There too was something in his eyes that drew me to him. He was shy and withdrawn. As I read about Misty with tears streaming down my face, memories of our lab flashed through my head, and the loss you felt. But more importantly, and what stopped me in my tracks, was Blue Mist's full name, as my dog's racing name was Tivoli Blue Duck."

Barrow      Misty Blue

Needless to say I was in shock! Could it be true? Could this be Misty Blue's brother and could they possibly be from the very same litter? I shot off an email to Suzi and we began to compare notes -- pedigree information, tattoo numbers, dam/sire, birthdate etc. and it was indeed true. Tivoli Blue Duck, now named Barrow, is Misty Blue's littermate. What a wonderful discovery that Misty Blue's brother is alive, well and happy in his home with Suzi, Mike and their adopted racer Georgia. It is especially meaningful to me that Suzi is as excited about this as I am. She is a dear, sweet person who has answered so many of my questions about her Barrow. We clicked immediately and have become good friends. We both believe that our meeting was heavensent.

Georgia    and   Georgia & Barrow

Georgia   Georgia & Barrow

We eventually got to meet Suzi, Barrow and his adopted greyhound sister Georgia in person at the Greyhounds Reach the Beach event in Dewey Beach, DE. It was overwhelming to see and touch Barrow. I will never forget it and am forever grateful for the opportunity to not only meet Barrow but to make a life long friend in Suzi.

I doubt I'll ever be able to fully express how much this gift means to my husband and I. Losing Misty Blue was devastating and it took something from our hearts that we'll never get back in this earthly lifetime. She was our first greyhound and first dog together and she touched us in ways that no other dog will ever be able to do. But knowing that her own brother, a true littermate, is out there has made such a big difference to us both. Barrow is healthy, happy and he and Misty have many of the same characteristics. This has brought us a tremendous amount of comfort. I look forward to the day when I can meet Barrow in person, look into those soulful eyes and hold his cheek against mine.

Thank you Suzi for doing something you normally don't do in visiting a pet memorial site, I know these sites are very painful for you. Thank you for your kindness and for sharing with us a part of Misty Blue's life that we didn't know still existed. Thank you for bringing your friendship into my life, it is something I cherish deeply.

Barrow & Misty Blue

Barrow   Misty Blue

Most of all I want to thank you Misty Blue for a miracle that's been over seven years in the making. I believe with all my heart that you found a way to make sure your Aunt Suzi followed the link to your web pages so that we could meet. You share with your brother the beauty and magic that is the greyhound breed and you both possess the mystical, all-knowing spirit that can only be found in the dogs sharing the name Tivoli.

"It's a long, long road
from which there is no return,
while we're on the way to there
why not share...
And the load
doesn't weigh me down at all
he ain't heavy, he's my brother."

Polka and Barrow

This is a photo of Polka and Barrow. Polka is Barrow and Misty's half sister.
It was taken at Dewey Beach, DE in October of 2000. Thank you Eileen!

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