"In the instant that you love someone,
in the second that the hammer hits,
reality runs up your spine,
and the pieces finally fit."

(Elton John)

"A Place for Us" was shared with me by a Bridgekid I've never met in person, face-to-face. His name is JoJo, a persistant spirit that wouldn't let up until I listened to him. He made it perfectly clear to me the message he wants to convey in "A Place for Us."

If you are not one who is inclined to believe that animals do indeed live on after they are gone then perhaps "A Place for Us" isn't for you. Whether you choose to continue or to leave, it is your decision. I respect your beliefs and am not out to change them.

All I ask is that should you decide to continue, you do so with an open mind and heart. Briefly, for just a moment in time, put aside your doubts and uncertainties about life after death and allow the power of love to gently trickle through your veins. Think of it as intravenous nourishment for the soul, carrying with it the same love that brings renewed life to those who wait for us on the other side of Heaven's door.

Please go through the gate to continue...

"I know a place...I'll take you there"

A Place For Us

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