Just do it!It's about time ma got to workin' on this page. Well, alright, so maybe I threw a few curves in the process but I finally had to sit on her keyboard and say,"just do it!!" Course I got a little help from my Aunt Mattie. She's a mover and shaker too! heh heh heh

Ma and I have a pretty cool relationship, just like when I was with her on earth...I told her what to do and she did it and it's no different now that I'm at Rainbow Bridge. Are you sitting down? Good. Are you open-minded? That's even better. Get comfy because I have something to say and I'm more long-winded than ma.

Let me tell you a little bit about my first day at Rainbow Bridge. My Bridge sister Misty Blue had already been at the Bridge 18 months when I unexpectedly made my appearance. Boy were we happy to see each other! Misty began to tell me all about how serene and peaceful it is here at Rainbow Bridge.

Serene and peaceful??  "But where's all the Bridge action?", I wanted to know. Misty got a little pale as she put her paws over her eyes and groaned.

About that time a shadow went over our heads. I looked up and saw a butterfly the size of a 69 Buick, its wings sprinkled with all the colors of the rainbow, doing a beautiful butterfly dance! "Whoaaaa!", I shouted at the top of my lungs as I took off in hot pursuit of this flying phenomenon. Misty caught up and we began to giggle and tumble through the soft green grass. We stopped near a stream that illuminates rainbow colors from beneath the surface and I stared, as from out of nowhere, a steady shower fell upon the water. This is when I heard it, a very sad sound rising from the stream.

"What's that sound?", I wanted to know. "That, my sweet Bridge sister, is mom crying. And the droplets you see falling in the stream are the tears of every Bridgemom and Bridgedad on earth. Their tears alone sustain this stream so that we are always reminded how much they love and miss us." How beautiful, but how sad. Rainbow Bridge is so WONDERful, how could mom and dad ever be sad for me? Misty's explanation caught me off guard {not an easy task I'll have you know} and got me to thinking.

Misty Blue explained that humans have a very difficult time understanding what happens to us when our bodies stop working. I couldn't believe when she told me they actually say we're "dead"! Misty helped me to understand that it's hard for humans to grasp a place they can't see because they close their minds. I questioned why we couldn't just tell everybody about Rainbow Bridge and put their minds to rest. According to Misty, Rainbow Bridge is such an extraordinary place, full of only beauty and unconditional love, that if we showed everyone exactly what it's like then they would want to come here before their earthly work is done. So...I wondered...how do we make our humans feel better about our journey to the Bridge without giving away all its magical secrets?

I thought about this as we watched two little angel girls walk by hand in hand, carrying flowers and giggling all over themselves out of pure heavenly delight. These are my kind of girls! Smiling, they stopped to give us both a tender hug and went on their merry way. This show of honest love convinced me that we just had to let all the Bridgemoms and dads know what a wonderful life we have at Rainbow Bridge. Would Misty help me?

In a quiet and very serious fashion Misty shared with me a Bridge lesson, "I can't help you my sister, I have my own Bridge job to do. We all have heavenly tasks here at Rainbow Bridge. Do you understand what I'm trying to say? Lucille...do you know why you're here?" Not having a clue, I shook my head no.

"The pain and grief on earth is nearly unbearable for our loved ones -- many don't understand that we are still very much alive and our spirits soar like majestic eagles in flight! The Bridge needs a spokesangel, one with a loud voice to get the word out about Rainbow Bridge. An angel who works fast and furious...and do you know why? Because subtlety doesn't seem to be getting through to our loved ones. Luci you came to Rainbow Bridge today for a very specific reason...because this is a job only you can do."

WOW! So this is why I had to leave mom and dad so quickly and without an explanation. Time is of the essence here! What do I do first, when can I start, do I get a magic wand?? Practicing good Bridge patience Misty offered advice, "Lucille, I don't think coming on like gang busters is what the Bridgekeeper had in mind. Take your time and think about what you want to do to get the word out to our loved ones."

Take time to think? Who has time to think?
JUST DO IT! and think about it later. Or in my case, don't give it another thought. Rolling over on her back, Misty Blue put her paws over her eyes and sighed, "I'll never get a decent night's sleep now."

I certainly didn't have time to wait around for the Blue Wonder to help me out so I had to take matters into my own paws. This wasn't going to be easy but I'm a Bridgekid and Bridgekids can do ANYthing!! I wouldn't admit to Misty Blue that I did take a minute to think about what she said. But while I was thinking I was doing! I got mom to put up a webpage for me and Dad makes sure mom doesn't change the background on my homepage. {She tried but dad said, "You better not, you'll make Luci mad!"} Thanks Dad! I got Aunt Mattie to handle my music box and kept Uncle Don busy tracking my box Fed Ex style. But still my job had not really started yet.

Did I mention that Bridgekids LOVE music? We do! Not the morose, elevator type music, but upbeat, fun music - the kind that makes us dance. At night we fall asleep to beautiful soothing music which washes over us like a warm blanket but during the day...look out!...because we like to boogie!!!

I thought about how I could possibly make all the Bridgemoms and dads understand the true meaning of Rainbow Bridge and give them a peek of how we spend our days. I was going fast but not getting anywhere. So I went looking for help, but a Bridgekid never just "goes" anywhere. We always take time to enjoy our travels. Leaping through tall grass, I darted here and there like a hummingbird, stopping to smell roses and kiss the children. Holding my head high I sang a ditty called "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" until I located my sister. {When you get to heaven you'll find Misty Blue in the same place she could be found on earth. Doing her bidding from the sofa inbetween naps.} I tried once again to find out if she could help me with my Bridge task.

A meeting of the minds

Peering out through one sleepy eye Misty gave me the only hint she was permitted. "Heart strings."  Huh??  "You've got to tug at their heart strings."

Suddenly I leaped and shouted, "Yessssssss! I understand...I do!!! Thank you Misty Blue!!" Grunting, Misty mumbled something about me not getting myself into any Bridge trouble and promptly went back to her nap. Trouble? Who me? I didn't have time for trouble {not yet anyway}. I had heart strings to pull and it was time to bring in my assistant, my designated typist.

"Ma, oh ma??"

Ma had just put the finishing touches on my music box page when, from my place here at the Bridge, I hit her up with the idea of a webpage called "A Day At Rainbow Bridge." She was less than enthusiastic considering she never thought she could make sense out of my music box page to begin with. {Oh ye of little Bridge faith!} This could very well be our most important project yet! I already had the music picked out before ma even knew we were going to do this page and then I helped her choose the background and graphics. {It's a good thing too because in my opinion ma's taste leaves a lot to be desired.}

What ma failed to realize at first is that this page is as much for her and dad as it is all the Bridgemoms and dads. Ma and dad still struggle with why I had to leave so soon. I came to Rainbow Bridge when I did because I was needed for a task that only I could do. It's that way with all Bridgekids. We're never called Home without a reason...there is a purpose to our journey. It's hard for our families to understand this because they can't *see* Rainbow Bridge in a human sense. But it exists and we are here waiting to share the magic with you. We don't leave your sight because we want to, we leave because we have to but we never, ever leave your heart. This is where we live, in your heart where you can find us anytime day or night.

We spend our days enjoying the eternal life given to every living thing. We stop to smell all the flowers that grace Rainbow Bridge and we are at the holy gate to welcome Home each mom, dad, child and animal that come to dwell amid the angels.

We watch over you and exercise our grand sense of humor! We are free, healthy and loved...how could we not be happy? Our happiness is wholesome and pure, without malice, jealousy and pettiness. We are blessed in knowing we'll be reunited with you again someday which we think about with great anticipation. Rainbow Bridge isn't about gloom and sadness, it goes beyond anything you can possibly imagine. Have faith in Bridgekids and let us be your guide. {And remember, we tend to guide when you least expect it!}

You see...Rainbow Bridge isn't just one big massive place. Rainbow Bridge is spread throughout the universe, a piece of it tucked within the heart of every Bridgemom and dad. Rainbow Bridge is a part of heaven and far too vast to be restricted to one area. Unconditional love knows no boundaries and Rainbow Bridge has no boundaries in which to hold this never-ending love of ours.

We are Bridgekids and we offer to you now that which we offered you on earth, a love unlike any other...love which sparkles with the colors of the rainbow. And like rainbows you see after the rain, what you find at the end is what you never really lost...our love.


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