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***SPECIAL MESSAGE – PLEASE READ*** ~ 01/24/2019
Portrait Of An Angel has been on the web for almost 23 years. Our Memory Wall has grown to hold thousands of names that I’ve been humbled and honored to include there. The time is coming to begin the process of closing this site. There are no words to express the emotions involved in making this decision. I often say that everything has an ending but I know that the spirits of the animals on The Memory Wall will last forever. We will stop adding names to The Memory Wall on 1/1/2020 and Portrait Of An Angel website will shut down on or about 2/12/2020. From the very bottom of my heart I am grateful and humbled for what the past 23 years has gifted me…new friends, the opportunity to help those who are hurting and most of all for the love of the spirits of those whose names are on The Memory Wall. Thank you.

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